Sunday, October 5, 2008

3c905 status

After a few embarassing bugs, I have the network card initializing for me, and giving me its MAC address:
returned 0x2a
NetWatch running
Probing PCI device: 3c905c-tpo
3c90x: Picked I/O address ec00
EEPROM adr 00, data 00b0 d097 bcac 9200
EEPROM adr 04, data 00ca 0000 0000 6d50
EEPROM adr 08, data 2940 0000 00b0 d097
EEPROM adr 0c, data bcac 0020 0000 00aa
MAC Address = 00:b0:d0:97:bc:ac
Connectors present:
10Base-T / 100Base-TX
found 3c90x, hopefully!

I also have it transmitting packets; it manages to squeeze two packets down the wire before it hangs up and never talks to me again (and worse, sits in an infinite loop in system management mode). These sorts of hangs were pretty damn hard to diagnose last time I did this sort of stuff; hopefully I'll not be in too big trouble here.

It occurs to me that I might want better logging for my outputs; a serial logger might be nice. Maybe we should get a USB serial dongle to go with the 412mac, which is currently acting as a nice companion box that runs tcpdump, etc.

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