Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Status update

Current status as of first update:

  • We can open up aseg and write to it on our test machine, ainfvec (ICH2).

  • We can trigger and retrigger SMIs on ainfvec.

  • We have working aseg code that writes to video memory from C space.

  • We have PCI write skeletons for Linux and raw I/O.

  • We have a working ELF loader that 'raw loads' ELFs into memory from inside Linux.

  • We have a multiboot kernel that can be loaded from GRUB, using Joshua's p1 console.c. Does nothing more than print parameters and spin.

  • Build system surely needs work.

  • Modularity need work.

Immediate todos:
  • Get grubload to return to GRUB later.

  • Load ELF/SMM code from grubload.

Later todos relating to current code:
  • Refactor machine specific/northbridge specific code into users of a PCI module.

  • Have PCI code scan bus and enumerate cards.

Code available:
git clone

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